Are you distributor of nonwoven wipers or other nonwoven products? Add our market-proven products to your arsenal to differentiate your lineup from the competition.

Disposable Shop Towels

Ultra strong, durable, reusable shop towels to replace traditional and reduce laundering costs for your customers.

Foodservice Towels

Offer an alternative to bar mops for your customers in the restaurant and hospitality industry. 

Wet Wipes/Moist Towelettes

Offer generic or custom private label wet wipes/moist towelettes for your customers.

Disposable Washcloths

Offer a disposable, economical washcloth for your customers to improve efficiency and reduce laundering. 

Disposable Bath Towels

Enable your customers to provide guests with fresh, absorbent bath towels without the laundering.

Guest Towels

Create the perfect luxury experience for guests by offering a hygenic, classy option for drying hands after washing.

Disposable Continuous Roll Towels

Offer a more efficient, hygenic option for your guests with disposable, continuous roll towels (CRTs).

Pop Up Wipers

Offer a convenient dispensing box for your customers with a built-in capacity window to monitor usage.

1/4 Fold Wipers

Offer a popular folded wipe to your catalog for efficient packaging, convenient use, and optimal cleaning.

Need it branded?

We have full stack private label capabilities, from design to production. Learn more about our process.