Find the right format/put-up for your customer use case or wiping application. From flat sheet packs, to easy-dispensing center-pull boxes, to individual wet wipes, we've got you covered.

brown center pull box with carry handles full of a perforated roll of blue disposable shop towels.


Perforated rolls are extremely popular because of their convenience, versatility, and functionality. Our perforated rolls are often used as shop towels, because it's easy to tear towel sheets off repetitively as you work, they're convenient to store, carry, or use with existing dispensing systems. They are functional, efficient from a space perspective, and get the job done every time.

475 sheet roll of perforated nonwoven red disposable towels with a transparent background.


Jumbo rolls (perforated) are the extra large equivalent to our equally popular perforated roll (above). Standard sizes for our jumbo roll towels are 475 sheets, 870 sheets, or 1100 sheets per jumbo roll, but we can customize sheet count and sizes for your specific needs.

blue disposable shop towels in a plain brown box (interfold popup dispensing box).


Fibematics pop-up or interfold boxes have sturdy construction and provide convenient dispensing mechanics along with a thoughtful viewing window to monitor capacity/usage.


The popular Dual Pull Box is a double wide variation on the popup interfold box that has two dispensing holes for easy access to the nonwoven wipes of your choice.

FOLDS (1/4, 1/6, 1/8)

Folded wipes/towels are perfect, convenient formats for linen-like guest towels, napkins, wet wipes, and more. Whether you need 1/4 fold, 1/6 fold, 1/8 fold - our team uses precision technology to produce consistent folds that will make your customers happy.

Stack of white flat sheet nonwoven towels (also called wipes) on transparent background.


Flat sheet wipes are great for efficient packaging and shipping with maximum flexibility regarding sheet size (8" inches to 15' feet), material, and quantity per pack. 

brown center pull box with carry handles full of a perforated roll of blue disposable shop towels.


Our center feed/center pull boxes are specially crafted for the perfect carrying and dispensing experience while cleaning in the shop, garage, factory, or for any janitorial need. These boxes have a top pop-out that allows for a smooth dispensing feed that breaks the perforation for an easy pull every time, and a side pop-out that makes a convenient carry handle for on the go cleaning.

Bucket containing a perforated roll of dry wipes or towels. The bucket is white, with a white handle, and has a blue lid with a resealable dispensing feed to pull the wipes through after adding a cleaning solution of your choice.


Hard buckets are an ideal solution for making your own wet wipes using any cleaning solution. Add the cleaning solution that fits your specific needs, let the towel/wipe roll absorb the solution, and conveniently pull fresh wipes from the built-in, resealable lid. Each bucket has a convenient carry handle to move naturally with you for your cleaning needs.

White Continuous Roll Towel reusable paper towel roll dispenser with continuous roll towel replacement on a transparent background.


Continuous Roll Towels (CRTs) provide a universal fit for any standard dispenser. Save water, time, electricity, and more by reducing laundering needs, making your guest experience look better (no used towels laying around), feel better, and more sustainable.


Bales are perfect for bulk wiping needs and serve as a replacement for bulk cleaning rags without the hassle and cost of laundering. Our bales have high quality nonwoven white and blue wipes/towels packed tightly and efficiently for an ideal bulk experience at affordable prices. These bulk cleaning rags typically come in 11 lb. bales.

Plain brown box with question mark and transparent background to signify new nonwoven product format


If you have an idea for a putup or nonwoven wiper format that we don't show, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team of experts is always looking for innovative ideas and has decades of experience developing successful nonwoven products from scratch.

Blue and white box of private label premium spunlace washcloths.


We have market-proven products with high demand and superior quality ready to go. Our full stack private label team can help you at every phase, from package design to product launch.