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Woodpulp polypropylene nonwoven close-up photo showing the texture of a segment of white woodpulp polypropylene material.

Hydroentangled Woodpulp Polypropylene

This versatile material comes in a variety of qualities and weights (gsm) which can function as anything from disposable wash cloths, wet wipes, or other light duty wiping all the way up to premium quality heavy duty shop towels - tough, durable, super abosrbent, and nearly lint-free.

Close-up photo of DRC (also called bonded cellulose) nonwoven material to show texture. This sample is white DRC.

DRC (bonded cellulose)

Double Re-Creped or bonded cellulose is a general purpose, soft, absorbent material which can be used for medium duty wiping applications. This popular nonwoven material uses a unique double creping process which gives it an unmistakable elastic stretch and softness.

Close-up photo of scrim reinforced material (also known as SRM) to show texture.

Scrim Reinforced Material (SRM)

Scrim Reinforced Material (SRM) is often used for janitorial/sanitation (jan/san) wipes, medical surgeon's hand towels, procedural tray towels, disposable caps, or other medical nonwoven needs.

Close-up photo of white airlaid nonwoven material to show texture


Airlaid nonwoven material has extremely high/fast absorbency, which makes it the perfect nonwoven wipe material for absorbing things like oil and grease, or for disposable washcloths in healthcare/medical industries like hospitals. It can also be used for linen-style disposable napkins/guest towels.


The spunlace shown here is made from viscose and polyester. This material is very strong, low-lint, and absorbent. The grade in this photo has a big dot pattern that is popular for making wet wipes and dry washcloths.

Close-up photo of solid pink foodservice wipe to show texture.

Spunlace (apertured)

This apertured spunlace is versatile and can be used multiple times before disposal, depending on the application. The apertures (small holes) in the material help trap dirt and grime. The material is very strong and low-lint. Our apertured grades come in a variety of colors, including the pink shown here. Pink, blue, and also white are popular colors for food service wipers. Other popular applications are for cleaning printing equipment and polishing.

Blue creped spunlace woodpulp polyester close-up to show creped texture.

Spunlace (creped)

This spunlace with a blend of woodpulp and polyester. This grade is very strong, low-lint, and can be absorbent or non-absorbent depending on your needs. The absorbent grade of this material is popular as a paint and sundry wipe, in the printing industry for cleaning machinery, automotive OEM, cleanrooms, and cleaning in specialty areas like pharmaceutical manufacturing. The creped texture softens the wipers and helps trap dirt and grime. Also available with smooth texture instead of creped.

Close up photo of blue spunbond polypropylene nonwoven material to show texture

Spunbond Polypropylene

Spunbond polypropylene is a water-resistant, breathable, flexible, and lightweight material perfect for polishing cloths or other specialty applications.

Close up photo of blue KrossTex nonwoven material to show texture


Our trademarked KrossTex material makes the perfect replacement for traditional cloth shop towels and rags, with high tech texture that makes them extra strong, durable, absorbent, low lint, and helps them pick up debris for an extremely effective cleaning experience.

Close-up photo of wetlaid nonwoven wet wipe to show texture.


Wetlaid material is extremely absorbent, which makes it a perfect low end spunlace replacement.

Close-up photo of meltblown polypropylene nonwoven material to show texture.

Meltblown Polypropylene

Meltblown Polypropylene is best used for strong, low lint, high end wiping applications. This material is popular in the printing industry because it achieves the lowest possible lint when wiping down equipment. Because of the COVID pandemic, it has also become popular for its face mask grades which can be used for 3 ply 95% BFE and 98% BFE disposable face masks.

Close up of embossed tissue material texture - white tissue with embossing.

Embossed Tissue

Embossed tissue is a biodegradable medium duty material with high absorbency, which can be used for medium duty wipes.

Close-up photo of yellow dust cloth nonwoven material to show texture

Yellow Dustcloth

Yellow dustcloth material is the ideal nonwoven material for dustcloth replacements and dusting applications because of its lightweight fibers that pick up tiny dust particles at the highest effective level with ease.

Close-up photo of a nonwoven polyethylene laminate material to show texture. This polyethylene laminate sample is white.

Polyethylene Laminates

Polyethylene laminates can be SRM, spunlace, airlaid, wetlaid, or DRC which is laminated to a polyethylene film. This composition and configuration makes polyethylene laminates absorbent on one side, but impermeable on the other. Because of that quality, this material is perfect for drop cloths, floor liners, aisle runners, separators, or packaging applications which need absorbency to catch fluid without letting it pass all the way through.

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We carry a variety of other more specialty materials like microfiber nonwovens, TAD roll towels, biodegradable towels, and more. Ask us if you don't see what you need listed above! Chances are we have it or can source it for you.

Nonwoven Material



Simple, streamlined, and soft - a smooth finish is a perfect choice for basic wiping applications that don't require added texture.


Our apertured finish nonwovens are designed to pick up grit for cleaning applications that need texture for tougher messes.


An embossed finish fits nonwoven cleaning applications that need something extra: whether aesthetically, or functional texture.


Soft, wrinkle-resistant, and slightly textured creped finishes offer a great replacement for woven alternatives.

White nonwoven parent rolls stacked in a warehouse setting with a gray floor and ceiling lights.


Our agile business processes allow us to offer low minimum quantities on most of our products, giving you flexibility at a moment's notice.


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