Spunlace, Airlaid, and DRC Disposable Washcloths

We have excellent pricing on disposable washcloths made from Spunlace, Airlaid, or DRC nonwoven materials. Our Spunlace washcloths are made from a Viscose (Rayon) and Polyester blend and are super soft, strong, and absorbent. For maximum absorbency, our Airlaid or DRC washcloths are excellent products. We can private label these products to fit your medical brand.┬áPlease … [Read more...]

DRC Wipes / Wipers

We have excellent pricing on DRC Wipes / Wipers in white and in various colors. Quarter-fold, perforated rolls, pop-ups, flat sheets are all popular formats for our DRC products. Please contact us for details! … [Read more...]